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Find the best elementary schools in San Jose, CA within minutes. Use our robust directory to learn more about the top elementary schools San Jose including elementary school locations, contact information and more. Search the listings below to locate affordable elementary schools in San Jose, CA.

Find the Best Elementary Schools in San Jose, CA

Action Day Primary Plus

Address: 3030 Moorpark Ave San Jose, CA 95128
Phone: (408) 247-6972
Category: Elementary Schools

Action Day Primary Plus

Address: 3500 Amber Dr San Jose, CA 95117
Phone: (408) 248-2464
Category: Elementary Schools

Almaden Preparatory School

Address: 5670 Camden Ave San Jose, CA 95124
Phone: (408) 723-9017
Category: Elementary Schools

Alternative Private School

Address: 1040 The Alameda San Jose, CA 95126
Phone: (408) 947-1524
Category: Elementary Schools

Anne Darling Elementary School

Address: 333 N 33rd St San Jose, CA 95133
Phone: (408) 535-6209
Category: Elementary Schools

Bachrodt Elementary School

Address: 102 Sonora Ave San Jose, CA 95110
Phone: (408) 535-6211
Category: Elementary Schools

Bagby Elementary School

Address: 1840 Harris Ave San Jose, CA 95124
Phone: (408) 377-3882
Category: Elementary Schools

Baker Elementary School

Address: 4845 Bucknall Rd San Jose, CA 95130
Phone: (408) 874-3200
Category: Elementary Schools